Latest Camera Build (16×20 Pinhole)

I’ve recently finished the build on my latest camera. Before I started, I knew I wanted a camera that will shoot large images for wall display. Well, this “is” a large camera. The beast measures out to be approx 26x24x8. This set up is to shoot a super-wide 16×20 image at around f/335. I will primarily be shooting w/ paper negatives vs. film (because of cost). It is mostly made out of pine (inner frame) and 5mm floor paneling. Below are the basics that went into building this camera. If you are interested in building a camera of your own and you would like to see larger photos you can find them on my flickr page. A great resource to for camera building is F295, these guys are a great help. Hopefully I’ll have some test shots to post soon.






One thought on “Latest Camera Build (16×20 Pinhole)

  1. alberto says:

    i think is good please some body tech me how to print with dark room or better with out dark room

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