DIY Shutter Release for your Canon DSLR

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43 thoughts on “DIY Shutter Release for your Canon DSLR

  1. […] Probably the simplest, and best-explained DIY Shutter Release project for Canon DSLR’s. I’d still probably let an electronics supply and service shop still do it for me, since I’m not at all ready to poorly handle soldering irons again (I did so, poorly, in high school). […]

  2. Geoff says:

    Is there a positive or negative on the momentary switches? In other words, does the ground have to go on a particular post?

  3. Roger says:

    Nope either way is fine. There are a few different types of switches you can buy. These are “open” switches, meaning the circuit is open (not a complete cirucit) until the button is pressed (closed/circuit complete).

  4. Geoff says:

    Works great! Doing a bulb shot however seemed like there was a certain order you needed to follow for it to work.

  5. Please can you tell me if this dispositive is ok for a A510 canon powerShot

    Thank you very much

    Ernesto Andrade

  6. Chris says:

    Hello, Do you have any idea if this would work for a Pentax camera? The plug looks like it will work. I wonder.

  7. Roger says:

    @Ernesto & Chris:

    Sorry guys I do not know if they will work on your camera. It’s pretty simple concept so if the plug works for your camera I don’t see why it wouldn’t. If you get it work, it would be interesting to know.


  8. Chris says:

    I just bought a hands free kit from Radioshack that has the same plug. I took it apart and connecting various wires does the same as the setup above. I’m going to put it in an enclosure like yours and make a howto in Instructables. Thanks for the inpsiration!

  9. Chris says:

    I tried to send you an email but it bounced. Can you drop me line? I have a question about the project. My contact info is at my website.

  10. Chris says:

    I posted a similar tutorial on Instructables for my Pentax DSLR.
    Check it out!

  11. reginald says:

    Very interesting, do you guys know how to make the wireless model?

  12. Daniel says:

    If I use the cord from a mouse, Would that work?

  13. Roger says:

    You can use anything that has 3 or more wires. You will only need three. The phone line I used has 4 so I simply used all of them except for one.

  14. Daniel says:

    Thanks Roger. I’ll see how I go tomorrow.

  15. Max Cascone says:

    One gripe: you’re using a plug, not a jack. In other words the plug is the male part of the equation and the jack is the female. Other than that, great work!

  16. tony olsen says:

    For a housing, an old film canister would be cool..


  17. richard says:

    Don’t think my 10D has a port like this 😦

  18. Luke says:

    Yeah, my D10 definetly doesn’t have a port that would fit this…

  19. Tony says:

    Is this the same connector that fits the camera end of an EOS 30D?

    i thought the camera end of the remote release was a cannon only connector. Seems odd they are using an audio connector.
    [interface pannel of 30D]

  20. Tony says:

    (Better pic of 30D interface pannel)

  21. Paul says:

    Yeah, I can’t see this thing being very useful on the 10D, 20D, or 30D, as the remote interface is completely different (as seen in the images posted by others.

  22. Paul says:

    I’ve just verified that this DYI is useless on anything other than the Rebel, RebelXT and RebelXTi

  23. Jose Antonio says:

    Any idea for Nikon D200

  24. Roger says:

    I think the Nikon’s are strictly wireless. Not to say that there isn’t some way to get it done though.

  25. […] make button to do this work for us. step 3Solder up the connections Using the diagram below from Roger Cline, Assemble and solder your buttons and switch. Test it often to avoid mistakes. When you’re […]

  26. esotericsean says:

    thank you soo much! this worked perfectly! i’m amazed at how simple these cords are (figured they’d be more complex).

    you could even throw a timer into the circuit to automatically set different exposure lengths.

    here’s a picture of the one i just made: link

  27. […] your own shutter release for a Canon dSLR (via Photon […]

  28. adam says:

    I just made one also but I like to call it the deluxe version.

  29. Roger says:

    Hey Adam Great job. I may have to modify mine w/ the extra jack and plug. Thanks for sharing.

  30. […] Bueno, desde hace días habia visto este disparador, control remoto para la camara, estuve viendo y si quedaba la entrada y todo el show, hoy me fui a comprar las cosas para hacerlo, lo hize un poco más a mis necesidades, pero el concepto es el mismo, aquí las fotos. Foto 1, Foto 2, Link para hacerlo. […]

  31. Corbeaux says:

    Thanks for this, it worked well. The hardest part was getting a box to stick the switches into. I ended up just leaving them hanging.

  32. […] your own shutter release for a Canon dSLR (via Photon […]

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