Super Easy Anamorphic Coffee Can Camera

Ok. I’ll cut to the chase. All you really need is a coffee can w/ it’s lid, film/paper, flat black spray paint, and a pinhole (which ever method you prefer).


1. Paint the inside of your can flat black.

2. If your lid is opaque, you are fine, if not either paint it or tape it until it is opaque.

3. Measure your focal length to determine your pinhole size. Measure from your pinhole to the center of your film. (see diagram)

4. Place your pinhole on the inside of the lid.

5. Go shoot a photo w/ your new camera.

6. Post your results in the Anamorphs section of Flickr.

Good Luck. Feel free to email me w/ any questions.


2 thoughts on “Super Easy Anamorphic Coffee Can Camera

  1. Bob says:


    What type of film do you use in the Super Easy Anamorphic Coffee Can Camera?



  2. Roger says:

    Because of cost. I use paper. Ilford RC Satin to be exact. After I make my exposure I make a contact from the paper neg. Thank you.

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