The Factors Which Matters For Amateur In Website Design

There is no greater hustle and tussle in the education industry than the website designing learning industry. Millions of people want to learn the ways to design websites but these are only a few who can get the real taste of designing. The designers who can make one feel by having a look at the design that anyone can consult him for the design, then can be called as a professional but it is possible only then when developers have the idea about the below mentioned factors that matters for amateurs in the development of the website.

Deploy Simplicity

An important key to the success of a website design is simplicity because simplicity really matters and the viewer always visit the website for what he or she is looking for and if the viewer will find the website complex so it will be very disturbing for the viewer, so many visitors will immediately close the page because it seems better to browse anywhere else because the internet is full of competition. Yes with the type of website one can make a trendy and stylish web appearance but only where there is very much need of it like feminine websites or fashion websites, but even then it should be simple and there should not be a war of color contrast but a minor dark color plus a major light one could easily do the trick.

Give The Visitors What They Want

You do not play a dynamic role on a web page either the viewer will like your website or not you will never have your second shot so it is important to be spot on and give the viewer what he or she is after and it will take a split second to take him away from your website’s to the others. So try to give the visitor what they want, not the stuff that you want them to get. There is no doubt that websites are mostly for commercial purposes but you should be aware that too many ads and a little less what the person wants will simply annoy the person and will give you a step down.

Be Precise With The Content

Remember that if your website is not about download stuff or visual stuff than the only thing that can attract a person is the content on the page and that is why it is often said that the content rules because it is basically what takes you higher on the search engines and this is what a visitor could be interested in so it is important that content posted on the page should interest the reader. It is also very important that there should not be any spelling or grammatical mistakes in the content because a person wants the advice in a certain medium only from a native and wrong spelling will do no favor at all in the search engine optimization.

Easy Browsing

Another key is that the browsing experience of the person must be simply effortless because if you will make a person wait for 15 seconds and yet in return nothing enough for the return of the user than the website made will simply be a flop so it is advised not to use heavy component such as pictures and GIF so the person will be annoyed by the response time and that it why it is said that no graphical colors should be used instead small size pictures should be used over and over. The person should easily browse the page and get what he or she is after.


The designer should make sure that the website should be compatible for even the worst of the browser and older version each and every component should work and each and every component should work feasibly. It is also important to see whether the design is friendly for all the platforms such as mobiles and other tablets too.

Work Hard On Every Page

Always follow the same light theme for all the pages because it is always a doubt that which page will be opened at first because search engines search by names more often than the domain names and that is why a sense of consistency should be found on all of the website so that a person could get the sense of professionalism in the website.

These are some of the rules that are neglected by the amateurs and these rules should not be overlooked because these are the basics and remember that the basics always matters.

About The Author : Rachael Fernandes is a professional graphics and logo designer working in the design industry for last 5 years. Recently started working for LogoTod as graphic design team manager and head of logo design department. She loves to write about her experiences in the field of graphics and logo design.

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